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So you’ve got big ideas about creating a beautiful home! That’s amazing - this is a really exciting journey you’re about to begin. Perhaps you’re wanting more space for you and the family, maybe you're hoping to add financial value to your property, or you want to modernise areas like a bigger kitchen that draws in more light and opens up the view to your garden?

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I know from personal experience that renovations don’t always quite go to plan! If you are new to this renovation lark (as I was), then you’re probably going to face some challenges along the way… with planning palavers, sky-high costs and dodgy builders it can become a bit of a nightmare and you could get close to putting the project on hold or even decide to give up and throw the towel in altogether.


Well, whether you’re extending your home or making some building improvements then I’ve got you covered.


Using my first-hand experience I provide pointers on planning rules, building regulations, dealing with the neighbours, and finding a good builder, I am here to help get you started or back on track.


Book a free consultation with me today, and get tailored advice on your project plans, budgets and the next steps!

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