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Existing House

My house is a typical two-bedroom mid-terrace Victorian house with a butterfly roof. The plan was to build a side return extension to make the kitchen wider and to add an extra bedroom by reducing the size of the existing (oversized!) bathroom above the existing single storey kitchen extension at the rear of the house.


At the time one property two doors down in the terrace had built a side return extension, and all but one had a first-floor extension. Of my two immediate neighbours one had a first-floor extension whereas the other, owned by a housing association, did not.


I love a bit of grand designs but let’s face it this proposed build was a relatively standard one! My main goal was to avoid creating a modern extension that was incongruous with the existing building but to build an extension that was in keeping with the property but lifted the overall living space into a more usable space, retaining the flow and feel of the building. Personally I like the Victorian aesthetic and wanted to build an extension that was sympathetic to the design.


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Design Ideas

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